To all those Freedom faces we seldom see…

As another year draws to a close, we remember there have been many faces over the last months that we have seen… so many hurting souls… so many welcomed into new homes and so many that faced their final Journey’s End.

Among all those faces, we seldom see the faces of the people who day-after-day look into the eyes of lost, abandoned, neglected, or tortured souls and reach out with compassion.  Those faces, we seldom see, are the faces of those who believe with all their heart that these beautiful souls deserve better… they deserve second chances, they deserve to be cared for, loved and wanted; they deserve health and freedom… and they deserve to reach their Journey’s End with dignity and grace… knowing that their lives mattered in this world.

To all those faces so seldom seen… the faces that shed tears, the faces peering through steel bars or wired cages, the faces that look and see the depth of an animal’s soul, that can see through broken hearts and mend, that can imagine beautiful new beginnings… and then stretch out their arms… to share the word, to help, to guide, to heal and then let go…

We say Thank You…

Video: “Freedom Isn’t Free” by National Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes retired commercial breeding dogs from puppy mills. NMDR gives these dogs a new beginning and a final chance to find happiness and comfort in a loving home.

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