Today’s Miss Elita (m.e.) News!: Wowza! Lil JOE is CIRCLING!!

Miss Elita

Oh dear, oh MY!!!! This is what I know: Lil JOE has caught the ancient SANTA CLAUS disorientation… and … and… and… on account of this particular disorientation, his head is.. is… is …well his head is tilting “strangely” … and he is walking in CIRCLES… and acting like the whole wide world is backwards and upside down!!!! This is so VERY NOT COOL!!!! I mean how can you keep a good lookout for SANTA CLAUS (or other impostors or intruders!!!) if your head is tilted and you are walking in circles??? MORE IMPORTANTLY how do you keep a squirrels eye out in 24/7 surveillance on that… that…that… BIGGEST masquerader of all …deceiver of deceivers… swindler of con artists… that alien-dust-moppy-thing when your head is tilting strangely and the whole wide world seems backwards and forwards??? Or you are walking in circles??? HELLO!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!! And that is SUPER serious…

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