POMBEAU! Blackfoot, ID ~ Standard Poodle


Bingham County Humane Society Blackfoot, ID

Pombeau is a handsome white 8 year old purebred standard poodle. He is being rehomed due to a nipping incident. He needs to improve behaviors when it comes to bicycles and chasing. He was able to get out of his fenced yard and did nip a bicyclist and recently a jogger. Because of this he needs to be placed where he can get further training in a safe environment. Pombeau’s€™ current home is dealing with family issues that prevent the proper training and resources. He is in in excellent health, neutered and up-to-date on shots. He had an accident 3 years ago and lost a back (hind) leg. It doesn’t stop him from being active and loving. It’s difficult to detect upon meeting Pombeau because he doesn’t limp or bring attention to it. He is great around people, including children & other dogs and pets.


Please click on Pombeau’s photo to see his Petfinder Profile!

If interested in Pombeau or you need more information please call Marcia at (208)244-1513. Be sure to leave a clear message with your name, number and that you are calling about the handsome Poodle Pombeau.

Source: Petfinder Adoptable | Standard Poodle | Dog | Blackfoot, ID | Pombeau.

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