ANNICA! Baldwin Park, CA ~ Animal ID# A4634999

I’m but a year old and only weigh 11 lbs. I know what you’re thinking…that I’m a lightweight. I promise you that I’m not. I can hold my own. I rely on my super wits and charm to outfox the competition in all arenas. Please come and visit me! ♥


Animal ID# A4634999

Baldwin Park Shelter, SoCal


ANNICA! Baldwin Park, CA ~ Animal ID# A4634999

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ID# A4634999: Annica is a cheerful one year old black and white female Poodle puppy who was found in Walnut on September 21st and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter. She has a microchip, and the shelter has attempted to contact her registered owner – but her phone number has been disconnected. Weighing eleven pounds, this picture perfect puppy walks well on leash and is likely housebroken. Fantastic with other dogs, she is made to order for children. Annica is the perfect pet for anyone in any living situation.

To watch a picture of Annica please click here:

~ via OPCA Shelter Network Alliance.

Site Source: Baldwin Park Shelter

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