BRO is HOME SAFE!!! Thank YOU Poodle Community!

BRO is Home Safe!BRO had last been seen on Summer St. in Vineyard Haven on August 25, 2013. After an exhaustive search, it seemed clear that someone visiting probably took BRO off island.  And BRO’s owner was worried beyond words; that is until Tisbury Animal Control called say someone turned BRO in to them! A family in Edgartown had BRO in their care for the last few weeks. Apparently, he followed a family member to their car in West Chop. When they saw an ad in the paper, they turned him in to the Tisbury Animal Control.  BRO’s owner, Nour E. Sulaiman has this to say to the great poodle and Vineyard communities:

I am so relieved, and happy to have my dog back. Words can’t express my gratitude for all the help, love and support I have received in the three weeks that Bro has been missing – from both strangers and friends. This island has taught me the true meaning of COMMUNITY. It’s incredible. I’ve never felt more at home in my life. Thank you. Bro is healthy and happy to be back home. We’ve been cuddling all day. He does need a haircut though, is anyone a groomer? I’m so happy. Thank you, Nour E. Sulaiman.”

All us here at OPCA are delighted BRO is home safely too and say a BIG Thank YOU to everyone who shared his photo and hoped for his safe return and well being!!

*** Happy Endings are always the best kind of endings! ***

~via Photos of Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue.

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