LAUREN! **URGENT** Chatsworth, CA ~ Animal ID# A1404992


I’m red listed. Yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. Yellow, blue or green listed would be a good thing as those are calming colors. But red? That screams urgency! Alert! We’re talking Defcon 3…situation not normal. Dire. Please come and get me!

Watch my video clip here:


Animal ID# A1404992

LAUREN! * Urgent* Chatsworth, CA ~ Animal ID# A1404992



Poodle (Animal ID# A1404992)

Lauren loves to just be around people and be in the mix of things. She is great on the leash and will let you lead the way. she gets along with other dogs very well. Lauren would be great for an apartment as well as a house. Another thing she has to offer is she is Hypo-Allergenic, so if anyone in the house has allergies to dogs she would be a perfect fit!

West Valley Animal Shelter

(818) 756-9325

20655 Plummer Street

Chatsworth, CA

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