CAYENNE & ALLY ~ Pair of Bonded Standard Poodles in FL!



CAYENNE ~ FL Poodle Rescue


See foster family’s update on these two beautiful standards who need their own home:


BONDED WITH ALLY: Meet Cayenne – Caya for short. She was surrender by her owner along with Ally. Cayenne is a 11 year old, 35-40 lb, white standard poodle who weighs 40 lbs. She loves other dogs, people and kids; like Ally she is fine with cats as they walk by and rubbing on her legs to get a pat. Cayenne is a lovable standard who acts younger than her stated age. She is very easy going and loves naps. Caya is easy going and pretty much allows her foster mom to do anything grooming wise; she will sit still to be brushed or get her ears cleaned. Afterwards she’ll sprint to the kitchen, knowing that there will be a little treat for her. She is very friendly to everyone. Her behavior is gentle and kind. She loves to sneak into the middle of her foster parents in bed, so she can get her head petted and belly scratched, while falling asleep. Ally came in with Cayenne; they are bonded and need to be adopted together.

If you are interested in Cayenne (and Ally), please complete an application….

Original Source Link: ~via OPCA Shelter Network Alliance.

Site Source: Florida Poodle Rescue

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