MISSING POODLE ALERT! Hudson, Ohio (zip: 44236)

An OPCA Public Service HIGH ALERT Announcement for Hudson, Ohio!

REPORTED MISSING August 24, 2013

MISSING POODLE!!!  Imagine! Yes, IMAGINE… going on a rare family vacation… and entrusting your beloved 9-year old senior poodle named SOPHIE to a boarding kennel… only to return and be told “SOPHIE escaped from the outdoor fenced area this morning.” We simply can’t imagine the heartbreak! So, let’s do all we can to get precious SOPHIE back to her family!! Please SHARE! Plus, if you have any sighting of beautiful SOPHIE or information that could lead to her safe return to their family, please contact Andrea – day or night – at contact (330) 389-1426.  Additional information is listed in the photo flyer!

Thank YOU!

MISSING [Aug 24 2013] via Finding-Sophia page

~via Old Poodle Consulting & Associates.

2 responses to “MISSING POODLE ALERT! Hudson, Ohio (zip: 44236)

  • Patricia McCann

    I hope you filed a police report. A similar story was in the news earlier this summer, but the facts as reported by the boarding kennel were far from accurate-an employee took the dog home as a family pet. Wish that I had that story link right now.

    • Old Poodle Consulting & Associates

      Thank you, Patricia McCann for sharing that information with us! We will be certain to pass along your suggestion about filing a police report to the owners if they have not already done so. It seems incomprehensible that an employee or visitor to the boarding kennel would do such a heartbreaking thing. We are so hoping this poor senior will be reunited with her family!

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