Phoenix, AZ ~ Animal ID# WE122/A3362094

Okay, I’ll be straight up honest with you. I have a bit of a skin condition but it’s nothing serious. Not like athlete’s foot serious or anything. Just a bit of demodex which isn’t contagious. It’s the stress you see. I’m all out of sorts in here. The best remedy? A forever home!! Yours? ♥

Maricopa County Shelter, AZ

Animal ID# WE122/A3362094 (formerly WE143)

Phoenix, AZ ~ Animal ID# WE122/A3362094


STRAY Intake Date: 9/6/2013 S42 DIS-MED*

*Wounds on right side of body and hairloss all over.

At risk for euthanasia at 5am, Thurs, September 12th.


2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ


Hours open: 11AM-5:30PM

*Remember: MCACC West is closed every Wednesday for adoptions. Adoption holds need to be placed until Thursday.*

***Click this link to see how the page works and how you can help!*** — at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control West.

Original Source Link: ~via  OPCA Shelter Network Alliance /  Friends of Arizona’s Shelter Animals.

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