BEAU is Waiting for You at CPR!

GENTLE with babies, GREAT with kids, GOOD in car

★ BEAU ★ This beautiful 6 year old standard poodle is “Beau”. He was released to Carolina Poodle Rescue after his family could no longer care for him. After living with a loving family, he is lost and needs to find a happy, loving home VERY soon! Beau loves men, women and dogs. He is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. Beau does well in the car! He is GREAT and gentle with babies and young children! Beau is a little shy when meeting new people for the first time. Fenced yard required. Indoor Only.BEAU is Waiting for You @ CPR!

MEDICAL NOTE: Beau has sebaceous adenitis. This is a condition that can be controlled but not cured. Beau must have a special bath 1-2 times per week, and is on vitamin A daily. We have high hopes he will be adopted one day but it will take a special person with an understanding of skin care and one who is not intent on their poodle having a perfectly coiffed, long and flowing coat.

BEAU’S PRIOR FAMILY LIFE: Beau’s previous owner has checked in on him several times and given us some insight to his personality. He was originally purchased at 12 weeks old from a not so good breeding place. He has been their constant companion since that time and is especially fond of youngsters. His routine was to patrol the house until all “his” kids were settled into bed and then and only then could he relax and go to his parents room and his own bed. His BFF is their son, a young man who Beau helped to grow to manhood through his teen years but who last year left his home and his dog to serve his country. Beau was lost for a time after that.

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▶ For more information and to see more pictures, search for Beau here:
▶ To get pre-approved to adopt from us, please complete an Adoption Application:

~ Original Thread Link: Carolina Poodle Rescue.

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